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Rebate coupons have to be handed over at, or faxed to, the office on the day of placing the order. The coupons will NOT be accepted at a later date. Rebates can NEVER be combined and are not valid for lift services.

1. Small items (chandeliers, standard lamps, pots, etc.) have to be packed in sealed boxes in advance (except at full service). If this is not the case, the movers are entitled to decline to move them, or the transportation of these items will be at own risk.
2. Cupboards must be empty. Shelves have to be removed (except at full service).
3. Drawers must be empty and removed from the cabinets. The doors have to be locked and taped shut (except at full service).
4. In case furniture has to be dismantled, this has to be specifically mentioned at ordering the movers. Our personnel will not assembly furniture that already had been dismantled.
5. In case of rainy weather, the customer can:
a) request the movers to wrap the furniture in plastic foil
b) have the furniture covered with blankets
c) let the movers wait until the rain is over
d) let the movers continue their work
6. Electronic devices have to be packed into their original boxes. If this is not the case, the movers are entitled to decline to move these, or the transportation of these items will be at own risk.
7. Mattresses have to be wrapped in advance. If necessary, the customer can collect plastic mattress covers at the office, or ask the movers for them during the packing. The cost for these covers will be charged after the move.
8. Moves in the morning will ALWAYS start at 7.30 hrs. In the afternoon the moves USUALLY start between 11.00 and 14.00 hrs, but this can be earlier or later due to UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES.
9. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain access to driveways for the movers when driveways need to be used. A written permission to enter the driveways needs to be given in advance.
10. The customer has to inform the moving company about possible obstacles such as posts in front of the home as well as porches, telephone boxes, trees, the length of the front yard and whether the move has to take place in a court yard.
11. An invoice will always be made and sent to the customer after the move upon request. The invoice cost for private persons will be 6 EURO.
12. After 18.00 hrs, on SUNDAYS and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS and after 8 working hours the price of the working hours will be INCREASED BY 100%.
13. If the hydraulic lift cannot be placed due to unforeseen circumstances, a different lift can be called at an additional charge of the hourly rate of 1 additional mover + waiting times for the movers already present.
14. Only the moving company personnel can use the ladder lift.
15. Those items of furniture placed into the moving van by people not employed by the moving company are NOT insured.
16. The use of the internal elevator is the customer's responsibility. The customer has to obtain the caretaker's or owner's approval in advance and has to take necessary steps to protect the elevator.
17. Nothing will be moved via the stairs, unless there is no other possibility. The moving company has already been exempt of all responsibilities in case of damage to the staircases.
18. Upon leaving for the unloading address, the customer himself has to check whether all items were loaded into the van.
19. During transportation from one address to the next, one of the customer's helpers will always stay with the moving van.
20. The customer's helpers must speak the Dutch, French or English language and have to be present during the entire move. They have to be physically able to help during loading and unloading of ALL items.
21. At moving pianos, it is obligatory to have 3 movers present. In case a grand piano will be moved, at least 4 movers must be present and a supplement of 150 EURO will be charged.
22. At moving items heavier than 200 kg, it is obligatory to have 3 movers present. Items heavier than 250 kg require the presence of 4 movers.
23. Never will alcohol be offered to the moving personnel.
24. In case of circumstances beyond one's control, strike, lockout, fire, war, mobilization, flood and other forces of nature or any causes for delay for which the moving company is not at fault, the moving company reserves the right to terminate the agreement without any possibilities to claim damages.
25. The customer is always entitled to reschedule the move to a different date, provided this will be 7 days in advance.
26. In case the customer decides to cancel the move, the deposit is not refundable and additional cost may be charged. These are AT LEAST 150 EURO per half day.
27. For every complete move, at least 3 hours will be charged (except at lift service). The hours will be charged from the moment of departure in Aartselaar until return of the moving personnel in the garage.
28. In case of problems or complaints, we request not to discuss these with the moving personnel, but to directly contact the office. If necessary, somebody from the moving company will stop by.
29. The company cannot be held liable for waiting times caused by badly parked vehicles, nor for the follow-up and placing of traffic signs, even if they were requested by the company.
30. All invoices will by law and without proof of default have a compounding interest of 12% per year as per invoice date. By law and without proof of default, the customer is indebted to contractual damages of 20% of the total invoice, with a minimum of 75 EURO for each invoice not paid within 15 days of invoice date.
31. The courts in Antwerp are exclusively authorized to acknowledge any disputes resulting from this agreement. If according to the stipulations of the civil law, the dispute belongs to the authority of the Justice of the Peace, the Justice of the Peace of the 1st judicial canton of Antwerp will exclusively be authorized.
32. As a consumer, you have the right to cancel the contract within 7 workdays without any compensation or mentioning your motif to do so. Going back on the agreement should be done in writing in a document duly signed by the person requesting the renunciation and in which the moving is clearly identified. This renunciation right is void in case of a moving with a delay of 7 days or less.

A. Parties explicitly agree to discharge the moving company from all liabilities by reasons of damage to persons or to goods, which could be caused during the occasion of the move.
B. Provided a payment of a surcharge of 21 EURO by way of insurance fee has been made, the liability of the moving can, as a deviation from the article above, be increased by increments of 2500 EURO per move and with a deduction of 250 EURO to be borne by customer.
C. The moving company can never be held liable by reason of material or personal damage to or by the client or to or by his helpers to anybody, not even when the damage occurs at the occasion of the cooperation between the employee of the moving company and the customer and/or his helper(s).
D. Damage to plants, paintings, aquariums, waterbeds, animals and staircases are always excluded from the moving company's liability.
E. Damage caused by weather is always excluded from the moving company's liability. (See article 5).
F. Scratches are always excluded from the moving company's liability.
G. Provided payment of the surcharge mentioned above, art objects are covered to max. 2500 EURO at first risk.
H. No more than 20% breakable materials per van may be transported.
I. Usual mechanical, electrical and electronic disorders without external cause are excluded from the moving company's liability.
J. In case of damage to an insured item, resulting from a guaranteed risk, the damages due by the insurer will not exceed the cost for repair or restoration of the damaged item as stated in the expert's report. Because of this, any possible depreciation of the item after repair or restoration is excluded from the insurance.
K. In case the items insured by the policy in question form a pair or a set insured at their total value, the value of each item will be calculated by dividing the total value by the number of items forming the pair or set.
L. Damages caused by the customer or his helper(s) are always excluded from the moving company's liability.
N. In case of damage, the customer has to specify these on the CLAIM FORM in PRESENCE of the movers. THE LIABILITY CEASES AFTER DEPARTURE OF THE MOVERS.   

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